8 fascinating scarf ideas to warm up your fall

These lovely scarf ideas will protect you from cold winds and help you become more fashionable this fall.

If you are still wondering how to make your clothes less boring, a scarf is exactly the accessory you are looking for. For women, scarves always have an undue appeal due to the variety of textures, sizes, materials as well as the ability to "upgrade" their fashion style immediately. Wearing a scarf is never a difficult task, but knowing and choosing the right style for each one is not that easy.

Along with the characteristic cool weather of all, hats, boots, gloves... are probably indispensable items. Especially, a nice scarf will be the main accessory to help increase the cost of your outfit. If you think a scarf can be used simply to wrap around your neck, you are wrong. Pretty scarves with colorful colors not only help you create highlights for your outfits, but also become accessories for your hair, bags... as well.

These 10 ideas will help you overcome the cold winds and, at the same time, become more fashionable this fall.

Simple lady

With a simple, natural style, put a scarf around your neck without wrapping or tightening it. You can choose a scarf matching your outfit or create some highlight with a colorful one.

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Elegant black scarf

Black scarf always creates a balance for the overall outfit. Combined with basic costumes, elegant black scarf gives wearer an effortless delicacy.

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Stylish choker

Wrap a thin scarf (not too tightly) around your neck in chocker-like style. This dynamic yet elegant style really suits simple shirts or shoulder strap dresses.

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Cute bow

Similar to the style above, you can wrap a thin scarf around your neck and leave just a little of the scarf to create a pretty bow. You will look more impressive with this cute highlight. This style can be applied to scarves with different lengths. You can even customize the length of the bow.

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Western inspiration

If you love the nomadic style, you should probably try this simple yet stunning cowboy style. Combine your scarf with accessories such as hats, cowboy boots and tank top for a confidently strong look.

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Youthful bracelet

Scarves do not need to be used as accessories for your neck only. Tie a colorful scarf around your wrist instead of bracelet, your outfit will become much more impressive.

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Creative waist belts

Beside bracelet, another interesting variation of scarf is waist belt. A colorful scarf with impressive motifs will help make your familiar office outfits more fascinating.

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Subtle emphasis

And finally, if you feel like your bag needs some highlight, a scarf will definitely make it a lot better.

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By: Olivia Mendoza

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