What makes a great attraction for 'Old Town Road'?

Over 4 months of dominating the Billboard chart, the heat of Lil Nas X's “Old Town Road” so far has not cooled down.

This week, "Old Town Road" continues to top the chart, becoming the No.1 song on the Billboard chart for the longest time (18 consecutive weeks). Earlier, this song also officially beat Mariah Carey's record with "One Sweet Day". With this outstanding success, Lil Nas X has proven himself to be a real musical phenomenon, which is culturally connected rather than merely a phenomenon emerging from luck.


In fact, the original "Old Town Road" was just a floating song on Tik Tok application. Even the name Lil Nas X was too new for the music-loving community. "Old Town Road" was only really interested after Lil Nas X released a new version starring Billy Ray Cyrus, a retired country singer, and Miley Cyrus' father. Thanks to his daughter as the world’s famous star with a personal page owning tens of millions of followers, Billy Ray Cyrus is facilitated to promote "Old Town Road". This is the stepping stone to help this song initially resonate on social networks.


However, that is not the only reason "Old Town Road" is so popular. Combining country music with modern hip-hop really brings a new wind to listeners. "Old Town Road" has the rational and interesting blend of two lines that seem unrelated but become extremely catchy. This song is not only aimed at a particular audience, but also on the entire audience. In other words, the music of "Old Town Road" is the representative of two cultural areas that are very typical in the American style.


In order to secure the No.1 spot for "Old Town Road", Lil Nas X made many remixes for this song to promote the resonance of other artists. Just 3 weeks after the release of MV “Old Town Road” with Miley Cyrus's father, the new version with DJ Diplo was aired and then Lil Nas X had remixes in cooperation with rapper Young Thug and Mason Ramsey. Even recently, a new version with RM - a popular BTS member has immediately resonated with Asian fans. This is a very smart step of Lil Nas X.


The result of these actions is that "Old Town Road" has blocked all the hot songs of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber. In it, Billie Eilish is the most miserable singer when her "Bad Guy" has held in the No. 2 position on the Hot 100 for weeks. Besides, Lil Nas X is also very skillful in getting the audience's affection. On Twitter, the way Lil Nas X communicates with the audience and other famous artists creates much love. It was Mariah Carey who also congratulated Lil Nas X when he broke her own record. Currently, "Old Town Road" continues to break the charts. Especially, with 8 nominations for only one song at VMAs, Lil Nas X is definitely a promising new face.

By: Emily Garcia

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