What does Adele say about love?

Recently, Adele broke up with her husband, businessman Simon Konecki after 8 years together, including 3 years of marriage.

Before the breakdown has just gone through, she has not officially spoken or shared anything. Perhaps, it will be a divorce going on smoothly, quietly in the same way that Adele still walks in her career: only focusing on vocals, music products and not sharing so much about her private life.


Adele has always been a discreet, mature and strong woman in the entertainment industry. The way she sings, the way she lives and the way she shares in interviews often causes people to forget that female diva is only 30 years old.

Since the public appearance and conquering difficult ears with the album series such as "19" (released in 2008), then "21" (2011) and most recently "25" (2015), Adele has always been a woman of maturity.

Speaking of Adele, people talk about the love songs that everyone who loves international music must have heard and even tried to listen to when they are in the mood. Not only are the songs haunting and obsessive, but Adele also shares about love very deeply, but sometimes the songs don't speak well.


Love may come at the wrong time: Adele shared with Fair Lady magazine that she has to accept the fact that sometimes she meets the love of her life, but things happen at the wrong time.

Supporting each other is key in every relationship: In an interview in 2015, Adele shared speculation about the song "Hello", whether it was a song about her relationship that was over.

“We used to be in a close relationship, he was my confidant friend, my best friend. He understood that it was also a part of helping me to be bright creating art, which was something I've always done before I knew him.”

“'Hello' doesn't talk about a boyfriend in the past. However, if it is, I think he will feel fine too because we are currently in a good time in each person's own life, so this will not be a problem”.


You can completely forget the "old person": In an interview with The Guardian, Adele shared how she forgot "old people": "My love is deep and true, and that makes me able to face the 'old person' and let him understand that I have gone through the breakdowns”.


We can absolutely "love from the beginning": Share with The Guardian, Adele once said: "I think this sounds silly, but you can only really learn to love again when you suddenly realize you're in love again".


Let the ruins and the past stay in the past: In another interview, Adele shared that life would be simpler and easier when we let the past stay in the past and eliminate less needless drama in life. Life would be easier when we did not hold on to too much detail of the past.


Let yourself be positive: Don't let yourself be with the negative and judgmental people. Adele shared with Vogue that she had insecurities in her life, of course, but she would never be with those who only insulted me to show her negative things and instability.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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