Mayweather and his crucial career decision

Floyd Mayweather's 21-year career journey is full of difficulties and crucial decisions, which have changed his fate.

11 years ago, in 2006, Floyd Mayweather was a controversial name. American boxer then won 36 professional boxing fights, and became the world champion in four different weight classes. However, Mayweather, at that time, was not satisfied with his success.


After defeating Zab Judah in 2006, Mayweather has been no longer under the management of any companies.

In 2006, despite his reputation, Mayweather was ranked far behind Oscar De La Hoya in terms of popularity and fame. Whenever Mayweather was on the boxing rings, he was scoffed at by the crowd for his negative competition tactics. Mayweather has long been famous for his defensive style. Audiences love to witness the strong fights, where boxers always rush to attack their opponent.

At that time, Mayweather's management company Top Rank wanted him to compete with Antonio Margarito. However, Mayweather does not accept this.

And the American boxer made a decision that could be considered a turning point in his career. Mayweather spent $ 750,000 breaking the deal with Top Rank, and then he becomes a freelancer and no longer accepts sponsorship from any company although Professionals said that it was a risky move.

Mayweather and the victory over De La Hoya

Next, Mayweather challenged De La Hoya and the fight took place in 2007. At that time, it was the most concerned and valuable battle. Mayweather's rewards have risen sharply, from one million dollars to ten millions of dollars and even reached one hundred millions dollars for a match.

Mayweather has changed his life since then. He became a boxer with unique personality, showing his big ego. Instead of being called "Pretty Boy", Mayweather has been nicknamed "Money".

Defeating De Le Hoya in 2007 has brought Mayweather's name closer to boxing lovers. Mayweather becomes the number one boxer of the world. Not only is the American boxer well-known for his talent but also his life outside the ring. Audience is attracted by Mayweather because he often exceeds limits and spends money arbitrarily.


In May 2015, Mayweather continued to draw public attention when competing with Manny Pacquiao in the boxing match of the century, a match brought the record high reward for both boxers. Mayweather once again won despite causing lots of controversies.


Mayweather ended his career winning 49 fights. But then in 2017, Mayweather continues to capture attention when joining a great fight with UFC boxer Conor McGregor. Fans will continue to be curious about how the fight between a UFC boxer and a freelancer will be like. Mayweather is entirely suitable for “Money” nickname. Mayweather will participate in matches wherever and whenever he can make a lot of money even though he is 40 years old.

By: Christina Baker

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