Kendall Jenner confirmed relationship with basketball star Ben Simmons

Kendall Jenner officially admitted her romance with Ben Simmons for the first time, but did not share too much about this relationship.

The love story of the highest paid model last year, Kendall Jenner and promising sports star Ben Simmons seems to get better and better day by day. On Thursday this week, the couple was seen going out to dinner together at a restaurant in New York. Both dressed in simple yet youthful outfits.

In front of the "interest" of the paparazzi, Kendall and her new lover still kept a certain distance with each other. However, in a photo posted by TMZ, the model had a quite intimate gesture with Ben Simmons inside the restaurant. She put an arm around her boyfriend's neck and kissed his cheek.

Kendall Jenner went out for dinner with basketball star boyfriend, Ben Simmons.

During The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired on February 8, Kendall also admitted that she and the basketball player were dating but did not reveal the specific time.

When the show showed Kendall Jenner images sitting in the crowd watching his basketball match, the supermodel kept smiling. In response to the question of how long she and Simmons started their relationship, she answered briefly: "For a bit now". Kendall also said that her mother did not object to their love affair.

In fact, their story was discovered quite long ago last May, but there was a time of separation. Since the end of last year, the famous little sister from the Kardashians has frequently come to cheer Ben Simmons in his matches, and she even sat next to the basketball star's mother once.

Kendall Jenner appeared in the stands with her boyfriend's mother in early 2019.

Although they both keep a quiet relationship, Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons also "leaked" flirtatious messages on Instagram occasionally. These interactions make fans more confident that their love story is going really well.

In addition to Simmons, Kendall Jenner has been rumored to be more than friends with her close Gigi Hadid's brother - Anwar Hadid. The two were spotted kissing passionately at the party after the CFDA 2018 fashion event last June. Netizens then accused the young model of being promiscuous in love. However, Kendall Jenner never spoke up to explain this noisy story. Last year, Ben Simmons also had a short romance with American singer Tinashe.

2018 was a successful year of Kendall Jenner when she was named the highest paid model of the year. And last year was amazing to her boyfriend too. 2017/18 was the first season Ben Simmons had the opportunity to show off his skills on the NBA stage. The Australian-born defender made 81 appearances for Philadelphia 76ers, averaging 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds and 8.2 assists per game. Thanks to that, Simmons was honored by NBA as the "Rookie of the Year".

By: Mithrine Smith

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