Justin Bieber caught crying in bar again

Recently, the Canadian singer was seen burst into tears in a bar when accompanied by his fiancée Hailey Baldwin.

It is reported by the Daily Mail that Justin Bieber suddenly sobbed at a bar in Orlando, Florida. His fiancée, Hailey Baldwin sat besides, trying to comfort the singer.

The bar’s owner revealed that at about 11 pm, after having called two glasses of beer, Bieber looked extremely distressed and tried to hide his tears under the baseball hat.

The Canadian star was caught crying right before his wedding day.

The source continued, after a while, Bieber’s fiancée also started to whimper. According to a witness at the bar, shortly after that, the guards of the two stars quickly separated them from the people’s curiosity.

The couple’s fans inevitably got worried to see the mournful moment of Love Yourself singer before his wedding with Baldwin. Also, this is not the first time Justin Bieber has appeared in the public eye in a very bad mood.

On August 7, the famous couple were seen riding together in Manhattan, New York. None of them looked happy as they were expected to be. All of a sudden, Justin Bieber sat down on the street, covering his face and crying while Hailey Baldwin was embracing to console him.

The couple were sobbing in a café in New York.

After confusing the public, Justin Bieber explained the reason that he got so emotional on the street. The singer said he had been deeply touched by the book The Meaning of Marriage. "You got good days and you got bad days. It's not real if it doesn't have any bad days," Bieber shared.

A couple of days later, the couple were once again spotted sniveling in New York's TriBeCa cafe.

Since the announcement of the engagement, the couple have always spent time together. They have been accompanying each other all the time and seemed so in love. Therefore, recent mournfully weeping moments of Justin Bieber are really making the fans worried.

Justin Bieber was first seen crying on the street last August.

It is rumored that Justine Bieber’s negative feelings stem from his miserable ex, Selena Gomez. The pressure of the upcoming marriage is also believed to be a reason for Bieber’s precarious emotion.

Besides, the pop star is not ready to get back to work. He just wants to be with Hailey Baldwin.

An insider revealed: "He’s been on the go for a long time, and he’s enjoying a laid-back season of life. He is enjoying time with the woman he loves, and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that.” The source continued: “He’ll get back to work soon, but the truth is that he doesn’t have to. He’s got enough money."

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old model wants to balance between love and work. This is also said to be the cause of many recent conflicts between the couple.

By: Chris Stewart

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