Halsey's new album and all you need to know

Are you a loyal Halsey's fan and looking forward to her comeback?

It has been two years since the latest album of Halsey - Hopeless Fountain, fans are waiting for new products from the 24-year-old singer. Despite the release of three singles, including “Nightmare”, “Boy With Luv” with BTS and “11 minutes” with her boyfriend Yungblud, the singer's third studio album is still very well hidden. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming comeback of Halsey.

Release date of the new album

Although she has not set a specific time for the album's release this time, she herself confirmed her magnificent comeback this year with fans on the social network.


What is the title of this album?

Many loyal fans claim that the singer 's latest album will be named Manic because, in the latest MV called "Nightmare", the owner of "Colors" held a board printed with letters "CA MNI", most likely a deliberate arrangement of her team. The above board also appears the character line "10-2019 ″, seems to refer to the release date in October this year.


What do we expect from Halsey's new album?

According to her recent share on social media, it is likely that this product will be a bit noisy and personal. The young star said the process of writing is a lesson of self-forgiveness. She said: “Writing for this album is really a process to forgive me. I am proud of myself and really love myself despite this world trying to make you hate it. I hope that when it (new album) is in your hands, it will be able to give you some peace. Although it is not a quiet place. It's quite noisy."

Halsey used to have a complicated past before being famous.

In addition, the female singer said this album will be better than its predecessor "Badlands" and there will be more addictive songs like "Gasoline" even more. This promises her quality of music in her return here, which is quite promising.

Will there be a promotional tour for the album?


Although she has not yet confirmed anything about the promotional tour for this album, Halsey accidentally mentioned the desire to create many memories with fans, including touring and upcoming events. Specifically, in a post, she said that she understood everyone was impatient with new music and new memories, touring and traveling for events and meetings, for new music videos, etc. Thanks for being patient with her and she wanted everything to be perfect.

Halsey's third studio album will be an important milestone in her rising singing career. After this album, the 24-year-old singer will be "a step into stars", on par with Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, or miss an appointment with a reputation? Let's wait for this promising return!

By: Grace White

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