Fans do have reasons to love Taylor Swift

Scandals are not everything about Taylor Swift. She is truly a great artist, an angel in the eyes of fans.


Recently, the singer has donated $10,000 to pay for a therapy dog to cure Jacob Hill, an autistic fanboy. Swift also gave tickets to the little boy and his family to join her concert in Houston.


Allison Hill, Jacob Hill's mother, shared on her page: "Taylor Swift was so kind. She said Reid (the dog) was a big puffball and so cute. She was especially awesome with Jacob. She didn’t see my son’s disability she just saw him." The fanboy’s mother emotionally wrote: "She got on her knees and looked him right in the eyes and said hello and she was thankful HE came to her show even though she knew it was loud and there was so much going on.”


In May, the 28-year-old star went to the hospital to visit a burned fan who couldn’t enjoy her concert. Isabella, 8, was shocked and touched. The little girl embraced her idol in happiness. 


Taylor Swift gave the fangirl many gifts that she got from her tour. On the cover of the album, Delicate singer wrote, "Isabella! I hope you feel better soon and I’m honored you've been listening to my music. You're so awesome and I can’t wait to have you at a show!". 


Also in May, Look What You Made Me Do star melted fans’ hearts by inviting 2,000 orphans to her final rehearsal of the Reputation Stadium tour. According to People, the singer bought pizza, biscuits and sweets for the children. When Swift asked if this was the first time they attended a concert, about 500 hands were raised.


In 2017, an account named Stephanie shared a story about Taylor Swift on The Swift Life app. Stephanie revealed that Swift had bought her a house to stay during her pregnancy. "What many of you don’t know is that for eight months of my pregnancy I was homeless. Long story short our first flat was condemned for health and safety reasons and we lost everything." she said. 


Stephanie's mother was the one who opened up all the difficulties her daughter had experienced to the pop star. As for Swift, she told the female fan to take good care of her baby and not to worry about finance stuff anymore. Stephanie praised Swift's generosity and called her “an actual angel”. 


In 2016, Swift successfully combined a pair of lesbians. Brittany Lewis and Alexas Gonzales attended the 28-year-old singer's concert. Quoting from the lyrics of Love Story, Lewis successfully proposed to her girlfriend Gonzales. On the date of the marriage, the singer personally sent a gift to celebrate the couple's wedding. In her special note for the newlyweds, Swift wrote: “Lexi & Brittany, you have no idea how honored I am that ‘Love Story’ has been such a big part of your beautiful love story. I’m absolutely thrilled that Lexi said YES! Have the most magical wedding day and hopefully I can meet you both soon! Love, Taylor.” 


Recently, Swift had the opportunity to reunite with the couple at a concert in Houston. Lewis took Gonzales to the show to thank Shake It Off singer. In the behind-the-scenes photos, Swift could not hold back her delight at seeing the couple.

By: Chris Stewart

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