Bruce Lee’s on-screen lover is still by herself at the age of 65

Memories of Bruce Lee still possess Nora Miao’s heart, stopping her from being in a relationship with anyone else.

Besides Linda, his wife and Betty Ting who is his sweetheart, there is another beauty got involved in Bruce Lee’s life, she is Nora Miao.


Nora Miao has neither denied nor admitted her special relationship with Bruce Lee

Nora Miao is a beautiful actress who has have co-acted together with Bruce Lee with the highest frequency in 03 movies: The Big Boss (1971), Fist of Fury (1972) and The Way of the Dragon (1972). Their perfect combination on screen made a rumor that they had fell in love with each other. The actress has neither denied nor admitted it.

Nora Miao was born in 1952 in Hong Kong. She had a close relationship with the King of Kung fu as they share the same homeland and pursued their acting careers in a foreign country (USA) together. Moreover, the two’s mothers were longtime friends, so that the closeness between Lee and Miao is nothing incomprehensible.

Hardy did Bruce Lee perform touching or intimate scenes, so he was rarely concerned in love rumors with his co-stars. Nevertheless, anytime Lee had intimate scenes, his on-screen lover was always Nora Miao.

Love story between Chen Zhen and Yuan Le-erh in Fist of Fury makes deep impression on the audience

In The Big Boss (1971), Nora Miao had the chance of co-starring Bruce Lee. In the movie, Miao just played a minor role as an ice-cream girl. Being close friends, Lee devotedly looked after Miao in studios, and since then, it was rumored that they were dating. At the end of 1971, Nora Miao had the opportunity to appear on the screen as the main character together with her dear, Bruce Lee.

In late 1972, Bruce Lee sent Nora Miao an invitation to appear with him in the movie The Game of Death, but he got a refusal from her. The reason for Miao’s rejection was nothing else but the rumor about their relationship.

Bruce Lee and Nora Miao at Colosseum in the project of The Way of the Dragon (1972)

July 20th, 1973 was a shockingly mournful day in Nora Miao’s life when Bruce Lee passed away. In an interview, Miao confided that when she was informed of Lee’s death, she did nothing but weeping a lot. In a dream, she saw Lee standing by her bed, looking fixedly at her.

Recalling her very last time to see her on-screen lover, Miao shared: “He was resting there comfortably. Fondling his hair, I was convinced that he had gone. His hand was emptily key-cold.”

After Bruce Lee’s death, Nora Miao unsuccessfully develops her acting career. Todays, Lee’s rumored ladylove settles down in Toronto, Canada. She works as a master of ceremony on some radio shows for the community of Chinese people.

Nora Miao’s photos taken in 2016

In her spare time, she still arrives in Settle, USA to visit Lee’s grave. She occasionally returns to Hong Kong as a guest actress. In 2008, she played a role in the comedy Run Papa Run, and she was nominated the title Best Supporting Actress in Golden Horse Film Festival.

Nora Miao co-starring Louis Koo in Run Papa Run (2008)

Nora Miao is still by herself at the age of 65. She used to be in a love affair with the Taiwanese actor, Ko Chun-hsiung, but ended up with nothing. Ko Chun-hsiung uncovered that he truly loved Miao, but his family opposed to his relationship with her, so they could not get married in the end.

Latest pictures of Nora Miao when she joined a TVB’s movie, Heart of Greed III as a guest actress.

By: Chris Stewart

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