A Star Is Born – The new candidate of Oscars

The fourth remake of "A Star Is Born", produced by Bradley Cooper and starring Lady Gaga, has brought many surprises to its audience.


After a period of absence on Hollywood red carpet, actor - director Bradley Cooper and pop star Lady Gaga have returned with a whole new image in "A Star Is Born".

A star shines with broken and hurt. It is an old story from time to time, slow, gentle and extremely romantic. There is a reason Bradley Cooper chose to debut as a director with the fourth remake of "A Star Is Born" next to his leading role, which recreates a music star immersing himself in alcohol, ruining his own life and living under the shadow of his lover.

Fans are also curious about the reason why Lady Gaga is chosen as the leading actress for this movie. This is also the first leading role of our beloved pop star, following previous legends like Barbra Streisand (1976), Judy Garland (1954) and Janet Gaynor (1937).

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Although it does not specify the time, the new approach of the film allows "A Star Is Born" to shine thanks to the dramatic and heart-breaking explosion of music. The movie seamlessly integrates the original songs in a wonderful way with the script co-written by Eric Cooper and Will Fetters. Cooper refreshes his character with a tired music star, bored of the reality of life, where people lose their moral values and getting weak and spineless instead. And so, the Oscar race has officially started.

Jackson Maine is a famous singer who immerses in alcohol and violence to forget the pressure of life. The depression of the singer has its roots in his childhood, which is a reflection of his conflicting relationship with his older brother Bobby (Sam Elliott), who is jealous of Jackson because of his beautiful voice.

Dave Chappelle has also perfected his character, Noodles. He is a friend of Jackson, who is always worried that even love could not save the musician's soul. Cooper's charisma is even enhanced by the incredible singing talent of the actor. At times Jackson's lyrics still continue, merging into him.

Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine.

Or maybe it is time for him to find his purpose in helping Ally, a waitress who cannot realize what a singer or a musician is. Fortunately, Lady Gaga does not play a naive girl. She inherited talents from her Italian father. And then, everyone starts to like Ally's voice, not her personality. Later, Ally encounters many difficulties when she becomes a real singer on stage.

The film has made people extremely surprised and has received countless praise. Lady Gaga has satisfied movies fans as Ally with amazing acting skills. Born in Stefani Germanotta, Gaga built up the image of a talented and fierce woman with attractive appearance. But to transform into Ally, she has shed her own personality and sophistication to become a gentle, simple and honest woman.

Lady Gaga as Ally.

While Jackson gradually becomes blurred, Ally's career starts shining. The script suggests a sharp concept, that Ally could lose herself in the way her father did. Her new manager, Rez (Rafi Gavron) wants Ally to act as a dancer and use seductive moves. Is she against all that?

Cooper has enhanced the footage by fully integrating the story and the songs. The film also increased authenticity by recording live songs through the solo performances and duets of the two main actors at various music festivals including Coachella and Glastonbury.


Jackson and Ally are composers and singers who write and sing what appears and happens in their lives. At the beginning, they sit outside a supermarket at night, immediately composing "Shallow", which may be the best movie soundtrack in the next few years.

All songs in the movie were written by Cooper and Gaga alongside other musicians including Mark Ronson, Jason Isbell and Lukas Nelson (Willie Nelson's son), contributing to the emotional impact of this tragic affair. And when the movie ends, you will realize, in fact, there are two stars that are born.



By: Emma Chavez

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