8 interesting facts about Black Widow that you may not know

As one of the first six superheroes that founded the Avengers, Black Widow has always played a silent but extremely important role in the success of MCU to this day.

An excellent spy or a deadly beautiful weapon wrapped up in a girl named Natasha Romanoff. Even so, the Black Widow's past is still quite vague for many Marvel Cinema fans. Here are 8 interesting facts about this superheroine you may never know.

1. She is nearly 100 years old


The surprising fact is that the original Black Widow has actually reached nearly 100 years old. She became an orphan after the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II (1943), adopted by a Soviet Red Army officer and eventually joined the Black Widow training program of the of Russian intelligence during the Cold War. Just like Captain America, the thing that kept the Black Widow alive during the years was the super-soldier serum.

2. She has the power of a superman


In addition to the ability to slow down aging, it was also the super-soldier serum that Black Widow received from the Soviet Red Room that gave her more special powers such as super recovery, increasing physical strength to Superman. That contributed to the creation of an excellent female assassin and a super spy named Natasha Romanoff.

3. She was able to become a ballet dancer


Another interesting thing in the past of Black Widow was that she owned the time to become a ballet dancer. Because Natasha had been implanted with many false images in her memory, Natasha took a lot of time and effort to find out this truth, along with other things that happened before she joined S.H.I.E.L.D.

4. She was trained by Bucky


You can see Bucky as Natasha's senior when they were assassins trained by the Soviet Union. Not only that, Winter Soldier trained Black Widow directly for many years at the Red Room, where he helped his pupil hone her skills and reach her maximum potential. Even between the two, they used to have a romantic relationship.

5. She deserves to lift Mjolnir


Marvel has a lot of titles called "What If?", which will tell a whole new fantasy path of some major events in the main universe. In one title of "Age of Ultron", after Thor defeated and lost his weapon, Natasha was the one who lifted Mjolnir and at the same time became the new Thunder Goddess.

6. There are up to 4 different versions of Black Widow


Natasha Romanoff may be the first Black Widow, but she is certainly not the only one who ever bears this nickname. Because soon after Natasha escaped to America, the Russians immediately created a second version. This girl's name is Yelena Belova and is as good as her predecessor. The other two Black Widows are Monica Chang - the wife of Nick Fury and Jessica Drew in the Ultimates universe.

7. Hawkeye once killed her


In the Ultimates universe, the authors created a version of Natasha Romanoff in stark contrast to what we know about this character. She spent a lot of time trying to undermine the Avengers squad by revealing to the world the true identity of the Hulk, slandering Captain America for murder and being responsible for the family's death that Hawkeye suffered. Therefore, when the truth was revealed, Clint Barton did not hesitate to kill Natasha, even though she was about to become Iron Man's wife.

8. The original Black Widow was dead and replaced with a copy


At the beginning of the Secret Empire story, many Earth superheroes were disguised by Skrulls. The Black Widow also became the target, but instead of being kidnaped and imprisoned, she was killed by them and then replaced by a substitute. The Black Widow Skrull also came to be discovered, but the strange thing was that another Black Widow would soon reappear.

It turned out that the Soviet Red Room program always copied the agents it created, then implanted the memories programed in case the original agent died. The aim is to not have to spend more training on new human resources. The Black Widow that readers see in the story is actually just a copy and the memory she had was not hers, but that of a dead Black Widow agent.

By: Joshua Thompson

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