6 silly decisions in action movies that confuse the audience

In many action movies, many viewers are annoyed by illogical decisions of the characters.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019):

The crux of the film is that Dr. Emma Russell decides to collaborate with villains and support them in the plan to free Titans on Earth to restore balance for natural ecosystems. Russell's plan leads to the deaths of millions of people when the Titans awaken and attack people. From then on, she realizes that the damage the Titans fight against each other far surpasses the destruction of humanity to the planet.


A Quiet Place (2018):

Before the battle with the sharp-eared monster, the family of Lee and Everlyn has to live quietly because any small noises will cause them to lose their lives. However, Evelyn decides to pregnant and give birth as a question that many people wonder. Giving birth in silence and trying to hide the newborn baby crying from the monsters create an extremely stressful situation for the film but also a silly detail.


Life (2017):

The most important principle of astronauts in space travel is to avoid breaking the isolation rules for strange creatures. However, with "Life", the astronauts easily accept to bring a strange creature onto the ship without a thorough examination because of emotional decisions. Later, scientists also find ways to promote the rapid development of the creature named Calvin. Consequently, the starfish gradually becomes a bloodthirsty monster and has no stops. Additionally, Hugh allows Calvin to eat his feet to help it not starve.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2015):

The biggest illogical detail in the film is probably the scene when beautiful manager Claire races with the giant T-rex dinosaur behind her by high heels and still survives without injury. Actress Bryce Dallas Howard tries to defend this decision and argues that high heels are Clarie's weapon, but her defense is considered too stupid.


Ex Machina (2015):

The film is highly regarded but still contains some of the characters' confusing actions. Young programmer named Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is sent to live a week with CEO Nathan (Oscar Isaac) to determine whether A.I. Ava robot (Alicia Vikander) is capable of real consciousness. Later, Ava kills Nathan, locks Caleb in the building, and she enters human society. It is worth mentioning why, with such a crazy experiment, Nathan is careless to set up any security code or mode for the building and the control mode with Ava robot.


Prometheus (2012):

Although there is an impressive and attractive plot, the film still contains many big particles. It is a series of confusing actions such as quickly removing protective helmets as soon as they set foot on the moon, Millburn playing with a snake-like creature found on the moon which leads to his death. Furthermore, none of the crew has enough weapons for the mission, they still get lost despite having mapped out the area and often react in the most stupid way when in danger.

By: Grace White

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