4 sad love stories behind US-UK hits

Although the love stories did not last long, they were prompt to produce great music products.

“I Will Never Let You Down” – Rita Ora


"I Will Never Let You Down" is a hit of Rita Ora when it led singles charts in the UK market. Contributing to the success of this song must include the role of producer Calvin Harris, who was also a boyfriend of the female singer. 

The couple had a pretty good combination when the single "I Will Never Let You Down" sold over 105 thousand copies. Unfortunately, the time for celebrating was not long before Rita Ora and Calvin Harris officially broke up, even though they did not even hesitate to tell each other badly on social media. 

“Half of My Heart” – John Mayer & Taylor Swift 


The love story of male singer John Mayer and female singer Taylor Swift took place quickly in 3 months but it was time to produce a shared music product called "Half of My Heart". The song's content is about two halves of the heart: a half wants to continue to love, while the other half wants to leave to find new love. 

After saying goodbye, they didn't seem to want to repeat the old song. While John Mayer tried to renew "Half of My Heart" to better match his performances, Taylor Swift did not forget to write a new song named "Dear John" to talk about this quick love. 

“Hummingbird Heartbeat” – Katy Perry 


After completing the "Hello Katy" tour, Katy Perry began composing the first melodies and lyrics for the song "Hummingbird Heartbeat". Just one year later, "Hummingbird Heartbeat" was selected for the cult album "Teenage Dream". 

At that time, it was Katy Perry who admitted this was her composition for boyfriend Russell Brand. With a mix of electronic and rock music, Katy Perry wants to convey a message about her intense love, like the heartbeat of hummingbirds (the birds have a heartbeat 10 times faster than human’s). 

‘Nobody’s Business” – Rihanna & Chris Brown 


"Nobody’s Business" is included in the "Unapologetic" album. This song is a testament to a complex love of Rihanna and Chris Brown. The song is a mix of R&B and Disco-pop creating an extremely catchy melody. Therefore, it's not too difficult for it to rise to 7th place in the UK market. 

The song has also been a rare collaboration between Rihanna and Chris Brown since the two were involved in their dissonance in 2009. Many fans did not support Rihanna's release of "Nobody's Business" because they feared that the female singer would be blind when returning to her old love.

By: Abigail Harris

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