11 touching movies that will make you shed tears (Part II)

Love, family, war… the below works are considered as some of the most touching movies of all time with deep human values.


In 1978, Mary, a young girl from Mount Waverly, Australia, is living a lonely and boring life. Mary is abandoned by her family and no one wants to make friends with her because of her birth mark on the face. In desperation, Mary finds a phone book in New York City and decides to choose a random person to send a letter to the address available. The recipient of the letter is Max, a 44-year-old man with obesity and mental health problems that prevent him from being able to relate to others. This destiny has brought two lonely souls closer together. Mary and Max are the light of hope and the little joy in the other’s painful life. Finding someone who can love your bad side is not easy. The movie has shown that despite the difference, the only thing that helps us understand and respect one another is ourselves.

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Joseph Merrick (commonly known as "John") is a disfigured man who is kept for "exhibition" on a traveling program in London. One day, John is freed by surgeon Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins). Although the hospital's governor opposes and says that he could not cure John, the kind surgeon still keeps his special friend by his side. This is the first time the poor man John has felt love and friendship after years of living in the stigma of everyone. Joseph Merrick's short life is a tragedy, but director David Lynch has ingeniously incorporated human values into his characters.

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Selma (Björk) is a Czech immigrant living in the United States with her daughter Gene. She works at a factory and spends some free time taking part in a local musical. Unable to buy a house, Selma and Gene live in a rickshaw of Bill Houston (David Morse), a police officer in town. Luck has denied Selma and Gene when both have to suffer from hereditary degenerative disease and gradually lose their sight. Selma has accepted living in the dark but she still tries to save money for Gene’s surgery. Although Selma may live in her passion for musicals, the actual conditions do not allow her to do so. The movie has deftly exposed the harsh life of US immigrants behind the luxury found in other Hollywood films.

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Shūkichi and Tomi Hirayama (Chishū Ryū and Chieko Higashiyama) are retired couple living in southwestern Japan with their daughter Kyōko. Shūkichi and Tomi decide to go to Tokyo to visit their son – a dentist and their daughter – a barber. However, due to their busy schedule, the two can not spend time with their parents. The old couple has to wander the streets of Tokyo without having any of their children next to them. This is a heartbreaking yet true story in most big cities. The faster life, the bigger money pressure, the less time we have for our family.

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The film recreates Japan in World War II and narrates the tragic story of two brother and sister, Seita and Setsuko. Seita's mother passed away after a heavy bombing of US air forces in Kobe City. The father who served in the Japanese Navy also died when Japan surrendered to the Allies. After a period of living in the nonchalance and hate of their relatives, Seita takes his sister away to an abandoned bomb shelter. Due to lack of food, Seita has to steal and be beaten. When Setsuko is seriously ill, Seita takes her to the hospital and the doctor says that Setsuko is suffering from severe food shortages. Although Seita could buy food for his sister, when he returns, Setsuko has not made it. Some time later, Seita also dies at Sannomiya Station.

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By: Cole Guthrie

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