11 huge hits that turn 20 in 2019

Many popular pop songs released in 1999 will be 20 years old this year such as Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way", or Britney Spears' “(You Drive Me) Crazy”.

1999 is a year with many international hit songs. The last year of the 1990s gave many popular songs to the public, but now it still sounds exciting and interesting, even people don't believe that they have known them for 20 years.

Here are the pop songs that have been released and become hits since 1999. But now, you're in 2019, listen again to see how time passes:

Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way

"I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys: Before 1999, Backstreet Boys was a big boy band and this was the song that helped the group become more and more popular in the countries.

TLC - No Scrubs

"No Scrubs" - TLC: This is the most prominent hit of the once-popular girl group - TLC. Until today, the song continues to be refreshed and performed by other girl groups.

Mariah Carey, Jay-Z - Heartbreaker

"Heartbreaker" - Mariah Carey: This is a catchy song of Mariah Carey. From the melody to the MV performance style, viewers will be able to see the typical fashion trends of the 1990s and a music MV style, which until now have become "old".

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight

"Waiting For Tonight" - Jennifer Lopez: This is one of the songs included in J-Lo's debut album entitled "One the 6".

Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love

"If You Had My Love" - Jennifer Lopez: Another Jennifer Lopez catchy and funny song reminds of 1990s pop music.

Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle

"Genie in a Bottle" - Christina Aguilera: This is one of Christina Aguilera's first hits on her debut album named "Christina Aguilera".

Ricky Martin - Livin 'La Vida Loca

"Livin 'La Vida Loca" - Ricky Martin: In 1999, Ricky Martin became a hot face in the music industry with the hit "Livin’ La Vida Loca "and opened the way for fiery Latin music.

Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills

"Bills, Bills, Bills" - Destiny’s Child: Before Beyonce became a solo singer, she was a member of Destiny’s Child. This song is a typical example of the group's musical style: sexy, funny and powerful.

Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy

"(You Drive Me) Crazy" - Britney Spears: Britney Spears has many songs that have become familiar to the public over the years, this is one of the most unforgettable songs of the singer on her debut album ". ..Baby One More Time".

Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of ...)

"Mambo No. 5 ”- Lou Bega: This was a very familiar party song.

Dido - Here with Me

"Here With Me" - Dido: Located in the debut album of a singer-songwriter, "Here With Me" is a beautiful, gentle pop song.

By: Abigail Harris

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