10 events that are expected to appear in “The Joker”

Although many details have not been revealed, through the trailer, viewers already know DC Comics' “The Joker” is based on “The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore.

Based on the leaked information, here is a list of 10 things that most fans expect to see in upcoming “The Joker”.

10. Joker takes the host of a television show as his hostage


According to some information from the director, Joker in the upcoming work will be known to the world as a defeated clown, without any great achievement throughout his life. After being tormented by the audience, the clown decides to take the entire stage for himself. Here, the Joker will perform his special show that makes the whole world know his name. It will also be the moment when he is completely transformed from a loser who is cursed by society into a boss, the biggest fear of the entire Gothem city.

9. Joker’s molting process


In most of the movies with the appearance of the Joker, viewers still have not had the opportunity to witness him clowning his face on each layer of makeup. He simply appeared, causing turmoil for the city and causing Batman a headache. However, this will be a movie about the Joker's life, as well as the events that pushed this clown to the brink of despair, so the scene when he is metamorphosed is very important.

8. Joker takes his own mother's life


Actress Frances Conroy will play the role of Penny Fleck, the mother of Joker. In this movie, director Robert De Niro will clearly portray the life of the mother and son, and with that, Arthur's monologue in the dark cellar when he imagines the prospect of a famous clown.

In the movie, Penny Fleck constantly scolds her child, causing Arthur to be mad many times. The Joker can only truly transform humanity once he kills his own mother.

7. The awkward date with Sophie (Zazie Beetz)


At first, she seems interested and accepts to go on a date with Travis. However, he is not attractive to have another appointment, so she flatly refuses to meet later. However, the psychology of this Travis is not very stable. He decides to spy on her way home and even gets to her place. The story is also the inspiration for this Joker.

6. The meeting between the Joker and Harley Quinn


Viewers are still unable to predict the ending of the Joker, simply because no one knows what will happen during the entire movie. However, one thing is quite certain, that he will be locked into Arkham Asylum camp. This is a pretty safe ending for the Joker and is also a premise for developing later parts. If this really happens, he will have a meeting with Dr. Harleen Quinzel and manipulate her to become Harley Quinn later.

5. The appearance of special guests


Set in a criminal array in Gothem City, there will, of course, be the appearance of police forces. Bill Camp and Shea Whingham accept the roles of the police responsible for the Joker cases.

4. Joker takes the life of Thomas Wayne, Batman's father


In the upcoming film, Thomas Wayne will appear more and directly affect the developments in the story. This is different from what the author did in the original DC Comics. As usual, Thomas is a very wealthy and powerful figure, he is also the mayor of Gothem City. Perhaps, the Joker will assassinate Thomas, as a punishment for the entire city for not obeying him.

3. Bruce Wayne starts wearing Batman's clothes


Because Thomas has appeared so much throughout the scenes in “The Joker”, he is likely to be one of Joker’s victims. This means Bruce will become an orphan. Another detail that appeared in the trailer was when Joker pulled Bruce's mouth to form a fake smile on the boy's face. This may imply that Joker took both the boy’s parents’ life. At the same time, he wants the boy to grow up to become Batman and be able to confront him.

2. Martha Wayne - Batman's mother, meets the Joker


In this movie, of course, we won't see Martha shaking hands with the Joker. However, after her husband being harmed by this crazy murder, she will go to a crazy camp to meet him. There are also assumptions that Joker will awaken Martha's demon after she lost her husband.

1. Joker has a monologue in public


In the latest trailer released, we see Arthur Fleck playing comedy at a bar and hardly anyone clapping. Viewers were also seen but transformed the psychopath's complex psychology as he writes that the worst thing for people with neurological problems is when others think they behave abnormally”. Many people look forward to seeing him on stage before he transforms into one of the most feared DC universe.

The movie will be released worldwide in October.

By: Roxana Edwards

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