Stupid people doing stupid things
Stupid people doing stupid things

Why we need to study cloud computing

This article will introduce you to the concept of cloud computing and its applications.

Recently on the mass media and internet, we have often heard of a very new concept, Cloud Computing. If you hear the name, then surely you will think that this is some calculating method with cloud shape without knowing what exactly Cloud Computing is. Therefore, this article will introduce you cloud computing technology, which is growing extremely powerful today.


What is cloud computing?

The word "cloud" in Cloud computing is essentially a metaphor for describing the Internet. By definition, cloud computing is a means of using Internet-based connections, where users share the same server, software, and data networks.

So you can imagine what the application of cloud computing is? If you are using web applications from large companies like Google or Microsoft, you are using Cloud Computing. Web applications like Gmail, Google Calender, Hotmail, SaleForce, Dropbox, and Google Docs are all based on Cloud Computing, because when connecting to those services, users have access to massive clustered servers on the Internet.


Why do we use cloud computing?

Traditionally, large companies, large corporations often install all applications or software on their server clusters. If a company will have a server system, 2 companies will be 2, and 1000 companies will own the corresponding server number. Therefore, in order to reduce the costs incurred by the large server systems of individual companies, cloud computing was born. And as mentioned above, the "cloud" is the Internet, an almost endless network.


How does cloud computing help us?

Nowadays, many businesses post their applications to the Internet and are adding a lot of new features through a web browser. The most recent evidence is the appearance of Chrome OS, an OS with full browser interface and application right on the web browser. Sooner or later, you will be able to connect to any application just by browsing the web on your PC.


What is the difference of cloud computing?

Maybe you still do not understand what Cloud Computing is and we can simplify the following. Each company usually runs the application right on their own servers. The servers are located right at the company location. That requires a lot of effort in maintenance, maintenance, money and time to keep everything running, upgraded, and secure.

If businesses use Cloud Computing, they will still be able to use the same applications, but they will be placed in clusters on the Internet. Businesses simply connect via the Internet without any effort to maintain, upgrade, or run the server. Not only that, businesses can also let their customers use the app without having to install. Very simple. In short, Cloud Computing allows companies to sell more services in a new and more attractive package.

If you are an employee, have you ever thought that the company you are working with will use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office or Open Office? This trend is growing vigorously because the user (business) does not have to spend money, without having to install. But what if the company you want to provide services to others? You will be able to leverage the power of cloud computing by creating applications on the Internet with resources from big companies like Google App Engine, Microsoft's Windows Azure, Amazon's EC2 framework.

Most of these services are charged based on the amount of resources used. So your application is charged only by the right amount of CPU and bandwidth usage. Hope the article helped you partly imagine the concept and operation of the cloud computing principle. In the near future, we will get even more benefits from the applications of this potential technology

By: Nick Cunningham

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