Stupid people doing stupid things
Stupid people doing stupid things

Which cloud storage service is appropriate?

Compare and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the four most popular cloud storage services for end users: OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Microsoft has brought a whole new dimension to the cloud storage service it offers: a new and sleek OneDrive, replacing SkyDrive. The renaming event comes a few months after Microsoft was sued by a UK court for the use of the name SkyDrive as a trademark infringement of British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), a British satellite TV company. And instead of continuing to pursue the lawsuit, Microsoft has chosen to rename its service to OneDrive, along with a number of minor changes.

Along with OneDrive, there are now other names like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box are being used by many people. You may only use one of these 4 (or more) cloud storage services above, or use them all at once as a "trick" to extend the repository without charge, or not ever use cloud storage, this is still a good time to compare the features, utilities, storage... of these services.

OneDrive (old SkyDrive)


OneDrive is the inspiration to re-launch this topic, so let's talk about it first. Currently, users of Windows 8 and 8.1 have a OneDrive application that is deeply integrated into the operating system. However, anyone using other supported operating systems, such as Mac, Android, iOS, or even Xbox game consoles, can download the OneDrive app on the home or app marketplace.

You can store any type of file on OneDrive - from pictures, videos to documents - and then easily access them from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. OneDrive also automatically sorts files by category, bringing convenience and ease of querying to users.

The strong point of OneDrive is the tight coordination with Microsoft Office applications. As you run Word or Power Point programs, you will see a list of recently used documents, including files that have been saved in OneDrive. And if you use Office 365 copyrighted, when you open a file saved in OneDrive, you can edit them together with others in real time. In this case, the user can clearly see what other people are doing.

Moreover, Microsoft has updated the application of this storage service on Android in addition to automatically upload images, which means that every photo you take with the device is automatically saved to the cloud archive. . This feature has been in the OneDrive applications for iOS and Windows Phone.

Currently, Microsoft is hoping OneDrive will become the "number one choice" for users to store images, and it is also focused on developing a technology that is able to arrange and categorize images based on their importance and meaning to the owner. For example, if you take a picture of your baby, a photo delicious food on the table, a photo in the parking lot to quickly find a car, OneDrive will be able to sort important photos into private folders and non-important images into another folder. It's a big picture, but it will help you understand what Microsoft is doing for OneDrive.

Additionally, OneDrive has stricter storage requirements than all other cloud services. So you will not be able to store files that involve nude, porn, racist, etc.



Dropbox is currently one of the most popular cloud storage services thanks to its simplicity and reliability. Your files will be stored in the cloud and can be used at any time, from the Dropbox website or desktop applications for Mac, Windows, Linux, or mobile applications-IOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire.

You can store all file formats on Dropbox by dragging or dropping files into the Dropbox application directory created on your machine, then Dropbox will automatically upload them - synchronize with another device if there is an Internet connection. Dropbox does not specify the maximum file size for uploads, which is a significant point of interest, but uploading and synchronization can be very time-consuming and depends on the speed of the connection you are using.

In addition, Dropbox also received a lot of praise for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface design. Although the interface used on Dropbox's website is so simple, it seems to lack the option for users to view, organize, and edit files. However, the simplicity of this design works for desktop and mobile applications, making it easy to use.

Google Drive


Starting with the powerful Google Drive online office tool, the world's largest technology company has launched the Google Drive cloud service - considered one of the most comprehensive online storage today. Google Drive integrates the basic tools of Word and Excel and Power Point editors.

If you already have a Google account (which is very simple, and almost everyone will be in today's online world), just go to and activate the service. Google Drive gives users 15GB of storage space, the largest one compared to OneDrive, Dropbox or Box, but users will have to share it with their Gmail and Google+ accounts.



Anyone can sign up and use Box, but this cloud storage service seems to target business users or IT professionals to provide a long list of security options. In addition to the basic functions of a common hosting service, Box also allows you to set file sharing status with colleagues or subordinates, leave comments and be notified of changes to files.

You can download Box applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and conduct storage and data synchronization between devices. However, Box gives you a lot of control options. For example, you can decide which objects are viewed or opened by different types of folders or files, in addition to being able to edit or upload files. You can even set passwords for individual files, and set the timeout for shared folders.

Entrepreneurial users can also connect other business applications such as Salesforce and NetSuite to easily save documents from those applications and the Box. In addition, the service integrates the basic functions of Microsoft Office and Adebe Lightroom so that users can edit directly.

By: Gitta Russell

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