Safe and free data backup on the cloud with SafeCopy

SafeCopy is a service that gives you free online backup space of up to 3 GB. And it is also especially safe.

SafeCopy is an effective tool that provides users with a large storage space to backup all data in all computers they own to the cloud. It is rated as one of the best cloud storage services available today, in addition to Dropbox, Skydrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Glide, CX (Cloud Experience), Memopal, Mimedia, Teamdrive, HiDrive, Comodo Cloud Storage, Spideroak, MegaCloud, Wuala, Synplicity…

SafeCopy works online or through the same name tool, SafeCopy, which runs on both Windows and Mac OS.

Free sign up for a new account

After install SafeCopy successfully, the language selection window appears. Select the language you want to use, and then click Next. At this point, you will be taken to the account registration step, check 3 GB Free for free use.

Next, enter your email address in the Username or e-mail box, and then enter the same password string you want to create in 2 boxes: SafeCopy Password and Re-Type Password. After everything is done, click Next.


Account registration as above does not require you to confirm via email, but it is recommended that you enter your own real email in case you lose your password or have to deal with some problems that arise later.

Set backup

After the account registration step, you need to select one of these 3 available options, including: My Documents, Single Folder and Custom.

- My Documents: Backup data on the desktop, in the My Document folder and data backup folders of some other applications.

- Single Folder: Insert backup data into an only folder.

- Custom: Select a folder in an arbitrary way to backup data.


By default, the application will skip files that are larger than 200 MB during its backup process. To change this feature, click Advanced. On the Advanced Configuration window, change the file size to be skipped at Skip files bigger than (MB).

After the setup is complete, click OK, and then Next.


Instantly, SafeCopy will automatically proceed from the file as the settings created. Later, when the folder has set up any changes, SafeCopy will immediately to keep the new data safe.

Share your data

With SafeCopy, you can share your own data with others to download directly easily. On the backup window, click the Share button to the left of the interface, and then select the file you want to share. After that, the web browser will open with the content of the email you will send. Enter the recipient's email in the Send to box, and enter the mail title in the Re box.

After that, the email content has already been prepared in the Message box, but you can edit it as desired before sending your data, but keep the link inside.

If you need to set a download password, check Protects access to sharing with a password, and then enter the password in the appeared box. The service provides the ability to limit the validity of the link at Valid for with values of 1 Day, 1 Week and Unlimited. After you are done, click Send and enable sharing.


By: Mithrine Smith

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