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Microsoft 'entices' Dropbox and Google Drive users with free 3-year OneDrive use

Microsoft is seeking to "engage" business customers of its rival by offering its free OneDrive use for business service from today.

According to TheVerge, the deal could not be bettered with a registration deadline of June 30, 2018, allowing business customers currently to use competitor services such as Box, Dropbox and Google to use OneDrive free within 3 years if they agree to abolish the contract signed with the above services. 

In addition, Microsoft says its FastTrack team will support new customers moving their data from other services to OneDrive and Office 365. Of course, this "benefit" is not easy to find. It's only for business users who are not currently Microsoft customers and must commit to having at least 500 users of the service. 


Still, this is an attractive advertisement that will surely attract many customers to abandon the services of other competitors, as Microsoft accepts to ignore short-term income with the hope of achieving the number of long-term users. Microsoft is pursuing a broader strategy, and is also a very familiar strategy for many people in terms of consumers: ecosystems. Many of Microsoft's products are now tied together, especially for business-oriented products. Convincing a company to switch to OneDrive for data storage, or Office 365 for office editing, is the first step in getting a company into more productive contracts. 

Cloud computing continues to be Microsoft's fastest-growing revenue earner, and is also the most profitable machine in all of the areas in which it operates. Azure, Office 365, and OneDrive are the strategic weapons of Satya Nadella's long-term vision for the company, as PC sales decline, and some softwares like Office or Windows operating system are often free gifts, or are sold through periodic subscription packages. 


While the dominance of Windows on PCs has brought huge profits to Microsoft, the company still has to shift its business to protect its leading position under the Nadella era by investing in cloud computing service. The goal of this CEO is to modernize Microsoft products by bringing them to the cloud, distributing free Windows, and transforming Azure into a counterweight to Amazon Web Services. Microsoft is still making a lot of money from LinkedIn, Bing, Xbox and Surface, but they're all tiny compared to Office, Windows, and cloud services. 

 Shortly after taking up the CEO position in 2014, Nadella has set a goal of earning $ 20 billion a year for Microsoft's cloud computing business in 2018. But by the fall of 2017, the company has reached and even exceeded its goal. In the previous quarter, Microsoft's Azure platform posted a 98 percent increase in revenue, showing how well its cloud computing business is growing and how it can continue to grow. 

The "good bargain" as the company announced above is clearly set to continue to push Microsoft's cloud computing service, even if it requires them to "entice" customers from competitors with the quite generous offer in a certain period of time. 


By: Stephan Swift

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