Microsoft continues to cooperate with SAP to expand cloud computing

Microsoft and SAP, two big guns in business software field, are ready to establish the largest cooperation ever to capture market share in cloud computing.

The latest statement from both sides shows that Microsoft and SAP, two big guns in business software field, are ready to establish the largest cooperation ever to capture market share in cloud computing.

Recently, Microsoft has continued to expand the scope of cooperation with SAP, one of the leading software providers for enterprises. This new cooperation agreement will allow databases stored on the HANA clipboard of SAP to run on Microsoft's Azure cloud. At the same time, the applications like Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, and SuccessFactors will be integrated with Office 365 in several ways.

Microsoft SAP cloud computing

Moreover, businesses can also use Microsoft’s Intune (a software to manage mobile devices) to control the deployment of specialized mobile applications built by SAP’s Fiori.

This newest collaboration is next step of “long-term relationship” between SAP and Microsoft, which has been lasted for years. According to John Torrey, strategy director of SAP’s Enterprise Networking, they do not simply just focus on finding more ways to coordinate or to increase the level of this cooperation. They are focusing on changing the manner of opening approach for the market.

In recent times, Microsoft has continuously promoted product integration with competitors in the past, such as Box, Canonical, Dropbox, Red Hat and Salesforce. For its part, SAP also established business relationship with Apple.

Microsoft SAP cloud computing
Integrated Outook and SuccessFactors

Under the deal, many SAP cloud applications will be integrated with Microsoft products:

- Ariba: Users can collaborate to discuss and develop contracts, even on mobile devices, within Word and Excel. While negotiating the contract, the parties may jointly chat via Skype.

- Concur: Flight and hotel suggestions will be shown by contacting the travel plans within Outlook. From there, users can select their desired hints. "Submit to Concur" button will be provided to Outlook so that users can easily receive invoices or get expense reports done right in their mailbox.

- Fieldglass: Managers can approve the job, recruitment information and working time table declaration from Outlook via add-in for Office.

- SuccessFactors: The date selected as holiday on SuccessFactor will automatically enable the Out of Office on Outlook, which allows sending automatic absent notification and appropriate notes on the Outlook calendar.

Microsoft SAP cloud computing
Integrated Concur and Outlook

Currently, Office 365 has 70 million business users, equivalent to the users of cloud applications provided by SAP. Expectedly, integrated features for Fiori, Intune and the aforementioned SAP applications will start to be provided the Q3 this year.

The ability to support HANA on Azure will be launched within the next 3 months, this is what both sides’ representative claim. Each instance of HANA on Azure can expand up to 3TB of RAM. About analysis, Azure can provide a total of 32TB of maximum 16 instances.

According to Jason Zander, vice president in charge of Microsoft's Azure, they already have the best quality options and the ability to provide adequate storage options when enterprises anticipate how big their needs will be.

However, Microsoft's biggest rival is not sitting still with this deal: Amazon Web Services also issued a statement that more and more people are using SAP software on their platform.





By: Sheldon Levitt

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