Never turn your back on the sea
Never turn your back on the sea

Ecosystem Creation - Cloud Computing with Cloud8

In order to be ready for the 'cloud up' for many businesses, the Cloud8 community was born to link and create a community of infrastructure providers.

Cloud computing is being referred by the tech community at high frequency, anytime, anywhere, and there are many organizations, businesses, even end users who mistakenly believe that Cloud is the monumental concept. Yes, but not yet.

Basically, cloud computing is a model in which all applications are provided to customers / users as services through the "world" of the Internet.

With such broad concept, all traditional applications that are tending to "go online" have the potential to become members of the Cloud community.

In general in the world, cloud ecosystems are becoming more diversified with a full complement of hardware, software, data centers, storage, transmission and security infrastructures.

In order for all applications and software to be able to "cloud up" together, the role of the cloud infrastructure becomes more important than ever, because it is a solid foundation for maintaining and developing the whole cloud ecosystem.


In order to be ready for the "cloud up” for many businesses, the Cloud8 community was born, to link and create a community of infrastructure providers with all necessary criteria such as:

• High stability: When all applications online, continuity is required, if we don’t want the cloud service itself to impact and damage dozens or even thousands of users. In order for a cloud service system to be stable, it needs the following:

-High-performance storage system and ensure uninterrupted data. Storage system performance plays an important role in data processing. With today's processor technology, server clusters often overwhelm the CPU's capacity, but it's a bottleneck in storage systems. Cloud infrastructure providers such as CMC, FPT and VinaCIS are providing cost-effective and high-performance storage services that help the market solve this dilemma.

- Broadband network bandwidth which ensures continuous operation. In particular, CDN is the most cost-effective and reasonable solution for delivering content globally. The more content is, the higher the demand for transmission and distribution is.

- The server must be distributed and run continuously. If previously the applications were focused on centralized processing, nowadays the preferred programming mode is in the form of scattering "micro service". Servers are usually virtualized and distributed flexibly by the time of day and night, thereby improving processing capacity at a reasonable cost.

• High security: User data is stored entirely in the cloud, so it is required to be protected against physical, incidental, or intentionally destructive damage. In order for a system to be safe, there are many factors that need to be considered:

- Data center to ensure information security standards, properly invested from the power system, backup power, air conditioning and fire protection systems. Data centers are enhanced to the highest level of security in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001: 2013.

- Data archives must be cloned, redundant and ready to be restored when problems occur. Today's storage technology has gradually replaced the duplication between hard drives on the same machine as data replication between different servers. Backup on the "Cloud" is also a solution that contributes to the security of the primary data.

- Layer 3 and layer 7 firewall systems must be enabled and actively detect the attacks. System security is the biggest problem nowadays in big corporations. Many millions of dollars have been spent to secure key systems. Customers can use the Penetration Test service from BQT. However, it is the cloud computing that provides the opportunity to use security tools for the entire population.

When infrastructure is stable, applications will play a critical role in serving the needs of individual and business customers.

• Customer care application: solve calls, emails and chat support to customers on a system. The foundation of these applications is the email, internet telephony and SMS infrastructures. Cloud8 brings together many startup specialists in this field such as VHT, iziHelp and AntBuddy. These are the most practical applications for every business and are tools to protect the revenue from customer care.

• Health protection application: Use eDoctor to connect with your doctor anytime, anywhere, no need to go to the hospital and wait patiently, no need to run to the private clinic and then wait forward and pay a very high fee. You just stay home, connect to the internet, and open the eDoctor app.

• Retail management application: eSales is the distribution system management solution (DMS) of HQSOFT that has been developed and deployed since 2006. Currently eSales is being used by many large corporations, multinationals. ESales is not only suitable for the FMCG but also has specific features such as lubricants, wheat flour, pharmaceuticals, paints, household electrical appliances, water tanks, milk, cosmetics, etc.

• The application of data storage and sharing on UpBox cloud has also attracted much attention. UpBox makes it easy to store images and is not limited to limited storage on your phone. UpBox is opening up free registration up to 50GB for each individual in the closed beta period and 20GB free commitment for every new registration.

• Application processing office work: The most prominent application is the application of Microsoft Office365. FTI is a strategic partner in cloud services and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner who directly provides all of Microsoft's cloud services to businesses operating across platforms from Windows, Windows Phone, Mac. OS, iOS, Android for anyone, anytime and anywhere.

• Smart home application: As the perfect combination of home appliances and smart phones, Tako is not only a mobile remote control application, but it also brings a lot of convenience and comfort for your house.

With the rapid development of computing, storage and transmission infrastructures, the demand for cloud computing applications is increasing.

The Cloud8 community is increasingly receiving the attention and companion of many software developers.

By: Stephan Swift

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