Cloud giant AWS introduces newest features

AWS Singapore Summit 2019 also brings together regional experts in cloud computing and introduces the latest global trends in this area.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - a subsidiary of Amazon specialized in cloud services and solutions – has recently hosted the annual AWS Summit 2019 in Singapore last week.

The highlight of the event is the speech of Peter DeSantis - AWS vice president of global infrastructure and customer support. The content of the speech revolves around the AWS platform, which provides extensive support for builders' needs to build and develop applications on the cloud.

AWS has now become a full-featured platform with more than 165 different services including new emerging keywords like IoT,  Machine Learning, Blockchain... Global infrastructure of AWS proves the spread of this platform worldwide as it is present in 20 different locations and is about to expand to 5 more centers in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Italy, Cape Town, Indonesia...

Peter DeSantis - AWS vice president of global infrastructure and customer support.

In each area, AWS focuses on developing multiple availability zones - separate areas with full functionality of AWS infrastructure to give customers the ability to operate applications at the nearest distance with end users while maintaining data storage anywhere they want. That is the distinctive characteristic of AWS platform compared to its competitors.

Peter DeSantis also emphasizes the advantages of AWS platform compared to other cloud service providers in terms of diversity in database services, storage, security, customer data encryption, key management, database conversion, data import export...

Specifically, AWS provides up to 14 database services - twice as many as other providers, up to 11 ways to import data into AWS and export data out of AWS and over 200 security features, alongside the ability to enable customer data encryption on most of the company's existing services.

Many cloud services and products are offered comprehensively by AWS.

DeSantis also focuses on presenting the ability to allow data conversion and digital conversion. Especially for big companies, there is no single solution that is suitable for everyone. And if you want to speed up your company's application process to the cloud, you will need a set of diverse and intensive tools that is currently available at AWS.

AWS is also inextricably linked with the Windows operating system for more than a decade. Experience with Windows has helped AWS gain the trust of business customers using Windows on AWS with a growth rate of 400% in the last 3 years. Hundreds of thousands of customers have brought Windows to AWS, for example Autodesk has run Windows on AWS infrastructure for more than 10 years, and Salesforce has run over 10,000 Windows entities on AWS.

AWS also provides a feature that allows customers to use AWS as an extension platform in parallel with their existing infrastructure, also known as hybrid architecture.

The hybrid architecture of AWS.

The AWS's representative also introduces Amazon Aurora - a distributed database service with 200% growth rate in the last 3 years and trusted by tens of thousands of customers including Samsung, NTT Docomo, Netflix... Besides, he also mentions AWS Lake Formation security service and integrating new technologies into AWS services such as blockchain, IoT, machine learning with Tensorflow.


By: Gitta Russell

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