Amazon launches 'new weapon' to fight Google in the cloud computing battle

After years of neglect, Amazon has jumped into developing cloud computing services for artificial intelligence (AI).

After years of neglect, Amazon has jumped into developing cloud computing services for artificial intelligence (AI).

Amazon is testing a new service to help businesses run AI software on their cloud computing system more effectively. This is a big move to increase the Amazon’s competitiveness again giant opponents in the cloud like Google, Microsoft and IBM.

October last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) held “Re: Invent” event in Las Vegas, announcing the results of extremely impressive business statistics. They showed that Amazon was the leading cloud computing giant, when only AWS was worth $ 7.3 billion, along with 1 million of customers. And only the business database service had a turnover of $ 1 billion.

No one can deny that AWS has the fastest growth in cloud computing companies today.

Amazon cloud computing

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform of Amazon, providing resource and computing service to help large and small businesses operate their systems with ease at a low cost.

With AWS services, businesses no longer have to care too much about building hardware systems, infrastructure, management, operation and maintenance, whereby can focus on managing macro business.

This is a fertile business that only IBM dominated previously, in recent times Microsoft also contributed with its Azure cloud service. Despite the potential growth and profitability of this sector is still very large, only powerful companies with real strength can compete and attract big customers, or in this case, large enterprises.

Now, Amazon is trying hard to prove its ability against its rival, especially after Google invited Diane Greene to be in charge of their cloud computing field. New AWS allows businesses operate more AI programs on Amazon’s computers. This service will help perform more complex tasks, such as identifying structure and converting voice into text.

Amazon cloud computing

This is a rare segment that Amazon is lagging behind other technology giants in cloud computing field, where Amazon has maintained its dominant position for years. In March this year, Google has launched a range of cloud services for AI machine learning program. IBM, Microsoft and start-up companies like Clarifai and MetaMind also develope similar services. MetaMind was acquired by Salesforce April this year.

According to Amazon’s spokesman, the company is focusing on developing cloud services for machine learning. Machine learning is an AI program that developers use to create and operate neural network. This is an increasingly popular form of AI with powerful features, helping computer handle data just like the way human brain works.

Amazon's new service will help businesses operate many different platforms in its cloud system, including platforms created by rivals such as Google. Last year, Google has launched a platform called TensorFlow.

Amazon will use a new type of computer, containing 8 graphics processors (GPUs) from Nvidia for the service, higher than the current 4 GPUs. GPU is a common type of chip used to run AI program. The more GPUs, the faster Amazon's computers can run AI software and process related data.

However, the number of GPU integrated in an Amazon computer will not stop at 8. Last year, Amazon's researchers tested a machine learning program operating on 80 computers at once.


By: Vivian Sprout

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