Amazon beats Microsoft and Google with a small change in cloud business

Amazon made a small change in its 12-billion-dollar cloud business, which totally beated Microsoft and Google.

When Amazon launched its Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform in 2006, it created a groundbreaking revolution. After more than 10 years, AWS has brought Amazon $ 12 billion in sales per year and become the largest cloud computing platform in the world.

The cloud revolution has helped developers no longer have to build and maintain their own servers. Developers can now pay for Amazon by the hour to take advantage of the data storage capacity and computing power of supercomputers on the AWS platform.

Amazon made a minor change, but this has greatly affected the cloud battle.

It completely changed the operation of technology companies, creating favorable conditions for startups to grow. It can be said that cloud computing has produced companies like Dropbox or Airbnb and helped them survive until now.

Amazon has changed the technology world once, and now the e-commerce giant has once again created a revolution. Amazon will make a small change, but will have a huge impact and completely change the current cloud competition.

It's Amazon EC2, the main computing and data processing tool in the AWS cloud platform. Amazon EC2 will officially switch from hourly fee to secondly fee.

Small changes in the Amazon will have a major impact on the cloud battle

In 2014, Amazon launched a new cloud computing tool called Lambda. This is a computational service where you can upload your code, and the AWS Lambda service will help you run that code using the available AWS resources. After you upload the code, and you create a Lambda function, AWS will provide and manage the servers that you use to run the code.

It is important that AWS Lambda offers developers more flexibility. For example, a language translation application is developed on the basis of AWS Lambda, the server may not exist until the user presses the OK button and the server disappears after the process completes. This result is presented on the user's screen.

You will notice a big difference when you know that the rest of Amazon Web Services still charges per hour.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said, "Many of our customers are eager to use the outstanding processing power of the AWS EC2, which can handle and calculate large amounts of data in just a short time. Sometimes it's just a few minutes. "

Hourly charges are causing a great deal of unnecessary waste and making Amazon customers hesitate to use the EC2 service. With secondly charge, there will definitely be a lot of customers including small startups and large enterprises wanting to use AWS EC2.

By: Christina Baker

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