7 common questions about cloud server

Cloud Server dominates over VPS virtual servers because of its high availability because it does not rely on a single physical server like VPS Free.

To understand cloud server in cloud computing better, here are the answer for 7 most popular question about cloud server that you might want to know. 

Cloud Server is a virtual server that is initiated from a highly secure and scalable virtualization infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of several physical servers linked together. Each server (or server group) plays a separate function: computing, storage, firewall, load balancing, backup, data backup. Cloud Server dominates over VPS virtual servers because of its high availability because it does not rely on a single physical server like VPS Free. The virtualization infrastructure allows the servers to self-replace, in the event of a faulty server, to keep the system running smoothly, maximizing the uptime of the cloud server.


1. What is Cloud Server? 

Cloud Server is a virtual server that is started from a very secure and adaptable virtualization foundation. This framework comprises of numerous physical servers connected together; every server (or server gather) plays a different capacity: computing, stockpiling, firewall, stack adjusting, excess, information reinforcement ... 

What makes Cloud Server emerge from the VPS virtual server is its high accessibility since it doesn't depend on a solitary physical server like VPS Free. The virtualization foundation permits the servers to self-supplant, in case of a defective server, to keep the framework running easily, expanding the uptime of the cloud server. 


2. Foundation of Cloud Server? 

Composed by the most experienced group of specialists, everything about the Cloud Server framework is intended to give an unmatched, solid stage for people and organizations from huge to little. The attention on center an incentive rather than benefit is kept up through each layer of administration.



3. How can Cloud Server's VPN support?

Cloud Server supports site-to-site VPNs that allow you to securely connect between a Cloud Server environment and a local VPN connector:
. Use VMWare's vShield Edge technology.
. IPsec VPN is based on the IKE protocol.
. Use firewall for VPN.
. Tunnel between site-to-site and client-to-site.
. Managed by intermediary support.


4. Cloud Server backup capabilities?

Developed on the basis of cloud computing technology, in addition to offsite data backup mode, Cloud Server also has onsite backup mode, ensuring data from the server of the customer is absolutely safe. There will be no data loss due to user error, hard drive failure, virus attack ... All data is automatically backed up in the cloud.



5. Function, use of Cloud Server?

- Game server.
- Data Backup.
- Multi-service website hosting (sales websites, e-commerce websites, forums, websites with high traffic volume ...)
- Platform development.
- Server for corporate email system.
- Run live media programs.
- Create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research ...
- Storage of data: documents, images, video ...

6. Cloud Server Management Protocol
Long Van's Cloud Server provides a variety of management protocols including:
- Management through the web interface.
- Managed through the connection protocol (Remote Desktop for Windows, SSH for Linux ...) right on the terminal such as PC, tablet, smartphone ...


7. Which Cloud Operating Systems Does Cloud Server Support?

Unlike VPS, all VPS on the same physical server are forced to share the same operating system, the Cloud Server supports a variety of operating systems, regardless of the operating system of other Cloud Servers.
Cloud Server's sample operating system includes: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix.

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