Flirting with a woman gone wrong
Flirting with a woman gone wrong

5 advantages of cloud printing that greatly benefit businesses

Cloud printing allows office workers to do their jobs much more flexibly and effectively. They can do printing quickly wherever and whenever they want.

Almost all businesses todays are equipped with helpful cloud-based applications. Also, officer workers can access cloud storage with smart phones and other common personal devices.

Nowadays, many printers can access the Internet, and most of them function as cloud-based devices which have the ability to synchronize themselves with other portable devices via the networks.

One of the most popular methods to print files stored in clouds todays is Google Cloud Print which allows users to send or copy files anywhere by using web services or applications installed on portable devices. These are 05 values of Internet-connected printers from which businesses can greatly benefit.

1. Convenience

The first and foremost thing you can observe when having a printer connected to Google Cloud Print or cloud storage services provided by printers’ manufacturers is that driver’s role is unnecessary. Right after opening a package wrapping a ‘Cloud-Ready’ printer, right away, you can print files using smartphones and tablets with wide choices of applications developed for Android and BIOS. Internet-connected printers do not need users to update driver and firmware in traditional ways, but they are programmed to do this task automatically.


Your laptops and computers do not need connecting to the printers via complicated cables or wireless devices like WI-Fi and NFC. All you have to do is accessing the Internet with your personal devices, logging in your account and printing.

One more thing, most cloud printing services todays permit users to share the right to access cloud-based printers with other people, just like sharing data online. Therefore, if your colleagues or clients are far away and they need to print important files with printers in your offices, you can share the access right so that they can control the printing with their personal devices on the spot.

2. Remote access

Cloud print services can synchronize with Internet-connected printers placed in your offices. Once your personal devices access to the cloud storage, you can do the printing immediately even when the printers are thousands miles away from you. This is a huge advantage for commuters or people working at home.

When you are performing a presentation in an online meeting run by conferencing service, and you would like every attendant to have a hard copy of your report in their hand, you can send the printing requests to printers placed in the conference room.

3. Lower expenses

Cloud-based printers are also an effective solution for centralized management as well as printing tasks in the offices, especially for startups and small businesses. Instead of separately installing and maintaining each printer connected to the local area network, your business can significantly cut down the expense if one or two cloud-based printers are connected with all laptops and computers at the office.


The number of cloud-based printers still depends on the scale of your business, but as a matter of fact, wireless devices are more preferred due to the convenience in installation. Furthermore, almost every modern printer has power saving mode, remarkably helping lower the expenses. Todays, most printers are equipped with Econ-Mode to cut down the money spent on overall power when the devices are not working.

4. Privacy

Privacy is always put into priority by IT administrators. The fact is, when sharing and sending files stored in clouds, people sharing one workplace do not care much about the privacy. All files for printing are shared and sent on the Internet, an open environment, so it is possible that the information is stolen and used for unexpected purposes.

In order to deal with this risk, cloud print services have applied HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) which protects the files with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) right at the moment they are sent till when their hard copies are made. After having finished the tasks successfully, all related files are deleted from the servers to ensure the privacy.

5. Flexibility

Cloud printing is suitable for any sizes of business from small startups to large businesses. When the size of your business is expanded, you need to hire more employees or rent more offices, and investing in cloud-based printing devices will help to save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

However, cloud printing has one minus point. IT administrators will have to do more tasks when new employees are hired. IT staffs have to connect new employees’ laptops and computers to the cloud-based printers at the workplace. MD (Mobile Device Management) must be installed on new staffs’ portable devices, and those devices must not violate the company’s privacy policy.

By: Chris Stewart

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