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Unforgettable moments caught on Live TV

03 hottest cloud computing skills for getting a high-paid job

Employers are looking for cloud computing talents, and this is your chance to gain knowledge and win a position with a good salary in this field.

Cloud services is rapidly taking over the enterprise computing market as a series of companies rely on it to virtualize computing and application resources.

However, while enterprises are eager to make the switch, many companies are running into a big, big problem: There aren't enough people who know how to work with cloud services for the amount of work that needs to be done. Jobs are going unfilled and salaries for trained workers are jumping.

David Linthicum, the SVP of Cloud Technology Partners, who consults on such matters, said that the demand for people way outweighed the supply; it was very similar to when the internet had exploded in the late nineties. We were seeing the same patterns in the cloud.

With many job openings, Linthicum says it is the time for IT workers to retool themselves. However, cloud computing has been only "hot" for another three years before the labor market is saturated by skilled candidates and then the wages drop. "Part of being in the IT industry is to recreate itself every 2 to 3 years," he advised. "People who are doing the training are raking it in right now, but part of being in IT is reinventing yourself every two to three years," said Linthicum.

Followings are the hottest skills which are hunted the most in cloud computing:

AWS certification


From IBM to Google, most cloud service providers offer certifications that allow IT workers to show they're proficient in particular companies' systems. But the Amazon Web Service certification is the most valuable in the job market, Linthicum said.

It's a pretty basic credential, but it will show companies that you know what you're doing. Banks, manufacturers, retailers, and pretty much any other big enterprise might want to move from on-premise servers to cloud services. You can take the position of cloud architectures or programmers with an average salary of $ 150,000 for the first position and $ 100,000 to $ 120,000 for the second one.

An understanding of cloud-based IoT


Linthicum says it is hard for companies to find experts majoring in Internet of Things (IoT), even if it's a bustling area of development. For example, in pharmaceuticals, many companies seek to develop products and services that allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients through IoT technology. Meanwhile, in the field of cars, where big players like Uber and Google are investing in self-driving cars, they also face lack of IT workers with specific expertise.

Employers are usually manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, self-driving companies, wear companies. You may be paid $200,000 for the position of an IoT engineer.

Experience in serverless computing and containers


Programmers specializing in serverless computing or software containers are extremely hard to come by, which means just saying those words can make an interviewer's ears perk up.

An understanding of AWS Lambda or Microsoft Azure Function is a great way to set your foot in the door of big companies. You can spend a few hours watching videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, the container allows programmers to easily operate and test software code in various environments right from their laptops. They are not as "hot" as serverless computing but containers may help you to stand out from the pack.

Media companies like Netflix and MLB Advanced Media are using serverless technology like Lambda. New York Times and eBay are using container services like Docker. You can expect $200,000 to $250,000 if you're a serverless developer and $150,000 if you are a container specialist.

By: Christina Baker

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