Whitening your facial skin with beer, why not?

Beer is a naturally fermented wheat product and is capable of whitening skin.

There are many nutrients in beer, especially good for effective skin beauty. With a little clever when choosing the bathing materials combined with beer, you have a line of white bath cream at home that is no less effective.


The effects of beer that you may not know yet

- Help skin smooth and healthy: High content of B vitamins in beer is the answer to this miracle.

- Moisturize skin naturally: If you have dry skin, then bathing with beer is really suitable for you because beer has a large amount of moisture.

- Fight against oxidation: In other words, beer helps improve and prevent skin aging. Its effect is as effective as a high-end white bath cream.

- Balance Ph and clean pores: This helps the body stay in the best state, effectively against the skin's harmful agents.


Beer and potato

We often sip beer with fries, but in a beautiful way, these two ingredients will bring you beautiful natural skin. This mixture is considered by many women to be safe, quick skin whitening medicine. For women who have dry skin, and often peel off during the cold season, they are especially suitable for this type of skin mask. Beer and potato mask not only provides moisture but also helps the skin to soften and whiten naturally.


Preparation: Half a potato and 3 tablespoons of beer

How to do: You boil the potato, peel it and then use the spoon to make it puree. Next, mix it well with 3 tablespoons of beer. After you wash your face with warm water to make the pores expand, apply this mask to your skin for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Each week you only need to apply twice or three times, you will feel the skin is improved effectively.

Beer and egg white

It may sound strange, but if you've tried this beauty method once, you will definitely be addicted to it! Egg white contains folate, B6, B12, ... good for the skin. When combined with beer, it increases the effectiveness of whitening and anti-aging.



Preparation: An egg white and 2 tablespoons of beer

How to do: Stir egg white and then add beer to mix into a mixture. After cleansing your face, apply this mixture to your face and relax for 30 minutes. To clean the mixture, you should rinse your face with warm water. Every week you should use this facial beauty twice to get the best effect.

Beer and lemon juice


Beer contains an abundance of B vitamins and has high antibacterial properties, especially when combined with the amount of acid found in lemon, it will help your skin glow brightly and quickly while preventing the risk of acne formation. This facial mask should only be applied twice a week for the best result.

Preparation: A spoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of beer

How to do: After cleansing your skin with warm water, apply the mixture of beer and lemon juice to your face. To help your skin absorb nutrients better, you should gentle massage. After 20 minutes, rinse with clean water to feel the smoothness on the skin.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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