Super-fast weight-loss secrets of Hollywood stars

Not only Hollywood actresses and singers but also actors have fast weight-loss methods to devote to art.


In order to play the ballet dancer in the Black Swan, Natalie Portman did everything to lose over 81 pounds in weight during filming. She ate only half a grapefruit, a carrot and a few almonds.


Beyoncé had to lose over 15 pounds to play the lead role in "Dreamgirls". The singer only drank a mixture of lemon juice, chili powder and some syrup for 2 weeks; sometimes she eats some fresh vegetables. This diet promoted incredible results but Beyoncé also has to admit that it will be never applied again.


Matthew McConaughey had to lose nearly 40 pounds to play Dallas Buyers Club. Within 4 months, the actor had to stick to a low calories diet with liquid nutrients and protein pills.


Reese Witherspoon's weight-loss diet was built on the basic of a babies’ eating menu. The secret here is to use refined and pureed foods that are easier for babies to digest, so only a tiny amount is enough for you to get enough energy.


The role of Fantine worker in The Misery requires Anne Hathaway to have a fitting body. So Anne had to diet with only 500 calories a day. She only ate the dry oats, radishes and beans every day. In order to match the image of a poor woman who had to sell her teeth and sell her hair, Anne had lost her weight frantically before shooting. Before that, to have a fitting body for the role of Catwoman, Anne also applied the diet only "kale and air".


Christina Aguilera said she has a very different weight-loss formula.The singer has four types of food with four characteristics: brittle, soft, hot and cold per day. Especially all foods must have the same color. If you choose white for Monday, the menu will include white cauliflower, white beans and cheese. And the result of her weight loss is a testimony to the effectiveness of this weight-loss formula.


Christian Bale lost up to over 59 pounds in four months to play the role of The Machinist. The actor only ate one can of tuna and one apple a day with a total calorie of no more than 300. Besides, he also drank a lot of water. As a result, not only did Christian eliminate fat but he also cleaned up his entire strong muscles.


According to Madonna, it is not enough to cutting down on the amount of calories only by reducing dietary intake. The singer almost did not eat anything but a little soup and water every day. The way she enjoyed food is ... smell. Madonna ate soup and salt water while cooking and enjoyed the smell of food to keep her weight and satisfy her craving. However, this is only the solution when the female singer wants to lose weight fast, not her regular diet.


After childbirth, Nicole Kidman applied a strict diet to quickly return to the new film projects. Nicole only ate 4 boiled eggs a day, one for breakfast, one for lunch and two for dinner. It was said to be a nutritional imbalance and non-scientific weight loss. Although the result of her weight loss proved its effectiveness, you cannot apply it for a long time period.

By: Christina Rose

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