L’oreal Tint Caresse: a matte lipstick that won't dry your lips

A lipstick like L’oreal Tint Caresse Lip Tint is a solution to create ombre effect perfectly.

When make-up trends constantly appears, beauty brands must constantly launch innovative products that change perceptions and habits of makeup lovers.

In a range of newly born lipstick in recent times, you might have heard of cushion lipstick, a creamy lipstick with cushion tip - the name makes us think of small, handy cushion cases with many surprising benefits. L'Oreal Paris's Tint Caresse is one of the lipstick warming up cushion cosmetic market today.



L'oreal Paris Tint Caresse has an unique design thanks to luxurious metallic and sweet pink color.

The tip's small sponge is wedged like a lotus so you can easily line and apply lipstick on your lips. The lipstick is contained in the lid, so the cushion tip will automatically take lipstick when you close the case.





L'Oreal ParisTint Caresse has 8 colors, including basic tones like orange, red, pink and purple. Each color's name is associated with beautiful flowers like sakura, peonies, roses, lilies...

The lipstick suits light and medium skin tone of European and Asian girls as well as natural or party makeup style.




Quality and durability

L'Oreal Paris Tint Caresse is almost like powder, but turns into cream after being applied on the lips and has matte finish. Although the lipstick has matte finish, it does not dry your lips like other matte lipstick lines.

However, the lipstick's durability is only medium, not so impressive. 



How to make gradient lip with L'oreal Paris Caresse Tint


- Apply lip balm.

- Use a concealer or foundation to cover the real color of your lips.

- Using the tip, apply lipstick on the middle of your lips.

- Apply an additional layer of colorless lip gloss.

Besides, you can also use this lipstick to make a creamy blush or eyeshadow.

Rating: 8/10



By: Rosie Fair

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