Bbia Last Lipstick Red Series - Swatches and Review

Bbia Last Lipstick Red Series with light texture will keep your beauty shinning.


Bbia Last Lipstick Red Series has extremely attractive design with fabulous red and firm cuboid like high-end products.


The lipstick's appearance is really eye-catching and attractive



Bbia Last Lipstick Red Series has 5 fresh red shades: bright red (#01 Provocative), pinkish red (#02 Positive), dark pink (#03 Alluring), nude red (#04 Classy) and burgundy (#05 Powerful). The lipstick is very youthful and suitable for every skin tone.


Swatches of the lipstick



The lipstick is very youthful and suitable for every skin tone


The lipstick's texture is smooth, gentle and light even when you apply several layers on your lips. Besides, it has no odor so if you don't like the chemical smell of other cosmetics, this product seems to be an ideal choice.

However, if your lips are often dry, apply a layer of lip balm before applying this lipstick to avoid drying your lips out since almost every matte lipstick is not good in moisturizing.


The lipstick's texture is smooth and gentle



The lipstick not only has amazing colors but also can last from 4 to 5 hours without eating. However, if you eat a little, the color will fade away, about 30%. But then just a little more lipstick and you will look glamorous again.



By: Fiona Cane

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