7 tips to own beautiful nails

We often take care of our skin, hair and forget our nails. Just apply a few simple nail care tips, you will get beautiful fingers.

Do not let your fingernails get too long


You think the longer the fingernail is, the more beautiful it will be to paint and nail. This is a misleading way of making your fingernails more vulnerable when having a strong impact. Nail care professionals always advise you to pay attention to cutting fingernails periodically to ensure a reasonable length. You can cut the type of nail you like: square or round. However, one thing to note is to cut the fingernails in a straight line.

Apply a diet full of nutrients


Weak, brittle fingernails are a fragile result from a poor diet. A healthy, nutritious diet is the foundation for girls to have a healthy, shiny pink set of fingernails. Supplementing foods that are rich in biotin, vitamin D and E are not only good for the structure of nails but also nourish the skin and body. The foods that are naturally absorbed by the body are better than you use drugs or other functional foods.

Limit cutting the skin around fingernails


The epidermis around the fingernails plays an extremely important role in protecting the fingernail base. When you cut it off, bacteria easily penetrate and cause infection. Instead of using nippers, use a lotion or essential oil to soften the skin around the fingernails. Then use a wooden stick with a beveled head to gently remove the excess skin. Alternatively, you can use cuticle oil to gently rub the skin around the fingernails to keep it moist and smooth.

Moisturize fingernails


Keeping your fingernails moisturized is one of the most important things that helps your fingernails and especially the surrounding epidermis not to age or dry. You should apply a moisturizer before going to bed or simply common oil. Also, weekends can soak your fingernails with a solution of sea salt and lemon juice to help clean your fingernails effectively.

Wear gloves to protect fingernails


When cooking, washing dishes, or cleaning your house and garden, you should wear gloves. Detergents cause dryness and roughening of fingernails, so wearing gloves keeps fingernails not wet.

Do not forget the nail balm


The nail balm plays a role in protecting the nails and preventing the nails from peeling, and the nail balm will help make the color more durable. When buying the nail balm, you should choose products that contain protein and vitamin E ingredients to prevent nail drying and help your fingernails become strong.

Do not change nail polish colors too regularly


To rest your fingernails between nail drawings is essential to keep your nails from drying, even weakening. The best way to take care of your fingernails is to change the paint colors once or twice a month and absolutely avoid nail polish removers containing high acetone which makes the fingernails dry and brittle.

By: Grace White

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