CR7- the owner of the world's most expensive supercar

Spanish press has just revealed the owner of the world's most expensive supercar - Bugatti La Voatio Noire, with an after-tax sale price of about 18.68 million USD.

According to some Spanish newspapers, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is the owner of the most expensive supercar in the worl-Bugatti La Voatio Noire. 

Earlier, when this supercar was introduced at Geneva Motor Show 2019 taking place in Switzerland, Bugatti brand representative said the La Voatio Noire is unique by the manufacturer with the price after tax up to 18.68 million and has the owner. Bugatti did not publish the identity of the owner of Bugatti La Voatio Noire. 

However, recently Marca newspaper (Spain) has just published information that the owner of the world's most expensive supercar is none other than football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to talent shown on the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo is also known as a genuine supercar followers. 


In addition to names such as the Ferrari 599 GTO, Ferrari F12, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4-12C, or Bentley's super-luxury cars, Rolls-Royce,  Ronaldo also has a passion for Bugatti brand. This player currently owns the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport at the price of $2.25 million and Chiron worth up to $3.3 million. Therefore, it is not surprising if the Spanish football superstar is ready to spend money on the Bugatti La Voatio Noire. 

However, even if this happens, Cristiano Ronaldo must wait until 2021 to receive the world's most expensive supercar Bugatti La Voatio Noire. Because before that, Bugatti communications director Tim Bravo confirmed that it took two to two and a half years, Bugatti La Voatio Noire would be delivered to customers. 

Bugatti La Voatio Noire has after-tax sale price of about $18.68 million 

The Bugatti La Voatio Noire that the company exhibited at the recent Geneva Motor Show 2019 was just an idea vehicle to preview. The final product needs at least 30 months to complete. Bugatti just started the project of manufacturing La Voatio Noire more than half a year ago. 

According to information published by Bugatti earlier, La Voiture Noire supercar will be equipped with W16 engine block, 8.0 liter capacity combined with 4 turbochargers, for a capacity of 1,500 horsepower, maximum torque of 1,600 Nm similar to Chiron, Chiron Sport and Divo versions. This engine is combined with 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and 4-wheel driving system. 


Bugatti La Voatio Noire takes more than 2 years to complete.

La Voatio Noire supercar, inspired by Bugatti from the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic racing car which was mysteriously lost in World War II. With a price of $18.68 million after tax, La Voiture Noire has officially broken all records to become the world's most expensive supercar model. 

By: Roxana Edwards

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