9 cars with the most luxurious interior in 2019

9 cars below not only have a beautiful appearance but also possess incredible interior.

9. Volvo XC90

This is an extremely luxurious SUV, with many high-tech applications with some "sweet" privileges in the interior.


The car has three rows of seats but its design is respectable. The seats in the last row can also be collapsed to become two rows, helping the vehicle to have more space to arrange other items.


A touch screen allows all passengers to control the fan temperature and speed in accordance with their preferences. There is also a front case to keep drinks cold at any time.

8. Audi Q7


Audi Q7 is equipped with driving assistant technology to make it much more interesting. Besides, its interior is as luxurious as high-tech features.


The front seats come with standard heating, but if you have a few extra thousand dollars, you can get seats made of ventilated leather and an integrated message system.


Beautiful interior with surrounding light lines. Meanwhile, the sound system with 23 underground speakers makes you feel like you're listening to music directly.

7. Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X attracted everyone's attention with the doors opening like falcon wings. Also, its interior is impressive and unique.


Model X has three rows of seats but can still accommodate more furniture if needed. Comfortable footrests and massage seats will delight you in any long journey.


The car has a HEPA filter system to provide clean air, so you can breathe easily while you're driving.

6. Land Rover

Land Rover has assembled top-of-the-line designs in its line of cars and added other luxury privileges to create a great car.


The rear passenger seats come with a relaxing leg room. High-class leather seats can be comfortably laid down and provide massage services to users.


All control panels are located in the center control in the middle of the car. There is also a socket for passengers to charge any device.

5. BMW 740i


The BMW 740i can be luxurious on the outside but even advanced on the inside.


The rear passenger seats can be reclining, and extra seat legs behind the front seats may pop out as legroom. Passenger seats are also integrated with massages, heating, and cooling as needed.


Each passenger also has a touch screen to watch the show or to get directions. The car even comes with an air conditioner that allows you to choose from 8 different scents.

4. Force 1

Famous car designer Henrik Fisker is back with his new luxury car - Force 1.


The soft and smooth leather seats bring classic beauty to the interior of the car, but the Force 1's exterior looks modern.


Force 1 comes with a champagne holder. You can also charge your smartphone using the socket in the center control. The car also comes with other interesting details, such as special pockets to store your sunglasses and pens.

3. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman


Pullman Mercedes-Maybach S-Class - the car is famous for its long shape, allowing you to hold your luxurious life inside.


In the car, there are 4 spacious, smooth seats, and you can sit facing each other. The spaciousness of the interior space makes the car as comfortable as you are sitting in a villa room at home.

2. Bentley Bentayga


The Bentley Bentayga offers a number of luxurious features, such as the front seat that can help massage the driver's shoulders.


You can choose the Mulliner Hamper Set version, which comes with a fridge and food storage area.


The car has a TV screen on the back of the front seat, giving users a relaxing experience. 

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom


This version is called Serenity and is introduced in Rolls Royce Phantom. The seats are made of silk and the paint details remind you of a Japanese garden.


The control panel also creates an ancient and elegant feel. The scent in the car also takes the scent of Japan to match the concept.

By: Kelly Jonas

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