7 sports cars of the 1960s that are still beautiful

These nearly 60-year-old sports cars are still considered beautiful and not obsolete in design.

Ford GT40


Produced to defeat Ferrari at Le Mans, Ford's iconic heritage is the GT40 famous throughout the world of cars. The story began when Henry Ford II wanted to buy Ferrari but could not convince the father of the brand - Enzo Ferrari. Finally, to express his dissatisfaction, Henry Ford II created Ford GT40 under the development of Shelby.  Ferrari was then unbelievably defeated at the Le Mans in 1966 by an American opponent, which was one of Ford's historic victories.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA


Alfa Romeo knows how to create charismatic cars, and Giulia in the first half of the 1960s was one of the most beautiful sports cars at that time. Possessing the perfect ratio and a great engine made the driver always feel excited after the steering wheel. This model was born to replace the famous Giulietta line. At that time, Alfa Romeo was very active in racing.

Aston Martin DB5


Known through the movie "James Bond 007: Goldfinger", DB5 was the leading GT model of Aston Martin in the mid-1960s and was also one of the iconic cars of the world cinema. The current price of this car is about 4 million USD.

Toyota 2000GT


As one of the cars that affirmed Japan's position on the world car map, this famous car was a collaboration between Toyota and Yamaha, which contributed to revolutionizing the world view of Japanese cars. 2000GT was a high-performance fastback model that has proven to the world that Japanese automakers could really create cars on par with European brands.

Jaguar E-Type


This British sports car once made Enzo Ferrari fall in love, saying that it is the most beautiful car ever created. It's no surprise that it is in the Daily Telegraph's list of "100 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time”, and Sports Car International magazine also ranked E-Type in the list of top sports cars of the 1960s.

Ferrari 250 GTO


As one of Ferrari's greatest creations in the 1960s, Ferrari 250 GTO could be the best racing car among the best cars. It is not difficult to understand when Motor Trend Classic magazine honored this car topped the list of "the greatest Ferrari of all time". 250 GTO was developed to compete in the Group 3 category with rivals such as Jaguar E-Type, Shelby Cobra, and Aston Martin DB214.

Datsun 240Z


Sold in Japan with the domestic name Nissan Fairlady Z and Datsun 240Z in many markets around the world, this model was launched to compete directly with brands from Europe. With a beautiful design, modern technology and affordable price helped 240Z attract public attention.

By: Jonath Martin

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