7 luxurious supercars that you can only see in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its wealth and luxury, so it is not uncommon to have many unique expensive supercars.

Bugatti Veyron police car 


The police car version of Bugatti Veyron was recorded in the Guinness World Records in 2017 as the fastest police car in the world. Major Al Marri of the General Department of Traffic and Rescue - Dubai Police shared about the police car Bugatti Veyron that: "We don't just want to show off this car, but we also want to show tourists the friendliness of police in Dubai. ”

Diamond-covered Mercedes-Benz SL600 


According to reports, this diamond-studded Mercedes-Benz SL600 was exhibited at the Dubai Auto Show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz SL550 in 2007. Attached to 300,000 diamonds, it is not difficult to understand when the car which makes anyone wish costs up to $ 4.8 million. Even CarBuzz said people charge 1,000 USD for those who wish to touch it.

Gold-plated Lamborghini Aventador 


This 1/8 scale car was created by a German company called Robert Gulpen Engineering and carved from 500 kg of net gold. With a combination of other precious metals, this gilded Lamborghini Aventador was priced at $ 7.5 million and sold in a charity auction event.


The car you see above is also a Lamborghini Aventador. However, it is a practical and portable gold-plated model. It belongs to a person named Turki Bin Abdullah. This person also has a collection of other gold-plated supercars from Bentley, Ferrari, and Brabus G700, according to CarBuzz.

White gold Mercedes SLR Sports 


This white gold-plated car is said to cost up to $ 2.5 million. It is also equipped with a V10 engine for a capacity of 1,600 horsepower.

Porcelain Bugatti Veyron 


The body is finished with porcelain by a company called Royal Porcelain Factory based in Germany, which has elevated the supercar's aesthetic to a new high level. The meticulousness of the production unit has made the car body seem smooth and has no broken points. It was sold to a giant in Dubai for $ 2.5 million.

Gold-plated Nissan GT-R 


This supercar was produced in Japan in cooperation with Kuhl Racing and sculptor Takahiko Izawa. When this Nissan GT-R car was displayed in Dubai for the first time, the number of people who wanted to buy it was not less.

Lamborghini Veneno


Lamborghini Veneno is the only car developed by Lamborghini that was limited to exactly five cars but one was retained and one was tested. Of the three sold out, at least one of them was sold in Dubai. The identity of the buyer of this car was kept private but its price was announced at $ 3.9 million.

By: Gray Ramirez

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